Stitchtopia Inc – Terms of Use Policy

You may use this design to stitch finished items for personal use or for sale in your home business.  You may not use this design for mass production of finished goods or commercial purposes without purchasing a commercial license from Stitchtopia.

No one else is authorized to offer licensing of our products.

This design file may not be shared, transmitted, copied, transferred, altered for sale or resold in its original, digital format. You may not use our files to create other embroidery designs for resale. You may not use this design file to create printed items, heat transfer items, images and/or graphics or any other format, digital or otherwise.

Stitchtopia Inc has included a photograph or digital images (jpeg) of this design file for use in advertising and sales for your home business. You are free to use any of the images included with your files for this purpose as long as you do not alter the images or remove the Stitchtopia watermark.

Copyright 2014-2018 by Stitchtopia Inc, All Rights Reserved.

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